Pembelajaran Tembang Berbasis HOTS di SMK Kota Semarang


  • Alfiah Alfiah Universitas PGRI Semarang
  • Bambang Sulanjari Universitas PGRI Semarang
  • Nanik Setyawati Universitas PGRI Semarang


Javanese MGMP in SMK Semarang City; learning tembang; HOTS


Javanese language subjects are compulsory subjects at the elementary to high school education levels in Central Java Province. One of the materials in the Javanese language curriculum is tembang. Tembang learning must be by the objectives of the 2013 Curriculum, which is to develop the talents, interests, and potential of students so that they are characterized, competent, and literate. Challenges in 21st-century learning and curriculum changes in 2013 require the pedagogical ability of teachers as teachers to be more able to design learning to be more interesting and meaningful, teaching and learning activities must be expanded beyond the boundaries of the classroom. The interaction of students with the surrounding environment must be reproduced by various forms of methodology. Teachers have problems teaching macapat material both in nembang technique and teaching based on the HOTS-based 2013 curriculum. The condition of Javanese language subjects, which are only local content in Central Java, means that teachers rarely get technical guidance from the regional government of Central Java province. The UPGRIS PKM Team provided a solution by holding training on macapat nembang techniques and teaching. This activity was held for three months, starting from October to December 2019 with 2 face-to-face meetings in the form of workshops or online training and mentoring. The output target of this activity is the improvement of professional and pedagogical competence, national proceeding articles, national journal articles, and printed newspaper publications.