The Ecology of Oral Literature in Betimbang Tradition of Indigenous People in Kampung Tua Way Kanan Lampung


  • Farida Ariyani Universitas Lampung
  • Eka Agustina Agustina Universitas Lampung
  • Siska Mega Diana Universitas Lampung


Betimbang tradition, oral literature, ecology


Kampung Tua Negara Batin is one of the areas in Lampung province that still upholds the noble values ​​of the cultural traditions of its ancestors and keeps the oral tradition passed down from generation to generation. The focus of this research study is the oral tradition in Betimbang tradition. This study aims to describe the oral traditions contained in the Betimbang traditional procession in indigenous peoples in Kampung Tua Negara Batin, Way Kanan Regency, and benefits in documenting the oral traditions of the ancestors and adding references in cultural studies and oral literature in Lampung. This qualitative research implemented a data collection process to data analysis and it was approached by several cultural analysis models. The results indicate that the Betimbang tradition begins with the form of the Betimbang traditional ceremony, the function of the Betimbang traditional ceremony, and the symbolic meaning of the Betimbang traditional ceremony. This Betimbang tradition represents the sustainability of the ecological culture of the indigenous people in Kampung Tua Negara Batin, Way Kanan Regency in spite of the fact that all the ritual processes followed the health protocol in the new normal. All of these stages are inseparable from the ecology of oral literature and have the meaning that the newborn baby (grandson) is a legitimate heir in kepunyimbangan and as a bind of the next ritual procession.