Variasi Penggunaan Tingkat Tutur Bahasa Jawa Petani Sayur di Desa Penjalin Kecamatan Brangsong Kabupaten Kendal


  • Puji Wahyuni Universitas PGRI Semarang
  • Sunarya Sunarya Universitas PGRI Semarang
  • Bambang Sulanjari Universitas PGRI Semarang


the use of speech levels, Variations


This research is motivated by the lack of research on the Javanese language and the lack of use of the level of manners among vegetable farmers in Penjalin village, Brangsong sub-district in the use of Javanese speech levels between farmers. In connection with this problem, the formulation of the problem studied is how the variation and use of Javanese language level of speech for vegetable farmers in the village of Penjalin, Brangsong sub-district. This research is qualitative descriptive research, using a sociolinguistic theory that focuses on the use of Javanese speech levels in the Penjalin village, Brangsong sub-district. Data collection techniques using synchronous matching techniques. Based on the analysis of the research results, it was found that the use of the ngoko speech level which was spoken by vegetable farmers and vegetable farmers, vegetable farmers with middlemen, middlemen with middlemen, and middlemen with vegetable buyers. Ngoko’s speech level dominates in the results of this study because of the frequent greetings of farmers and middlemen, the proximity of the rice fields between farmers so that they often communicate, there is a similarity in professions, the same economic level, common fate, and already know each other between farmers so they have a sense of closeness.