24 Jam Menari Secara Virtual Sebagai Wujud Peran Budaya Jawa di Masa New Normal


  • Sawitri Sawitri Universitas Veteran Bangun Nusantara Sukoharjo


new normal, culture, role, virtual, dancing


Covid 19, a small virus, is difficult to detect but the symptoms are very dangerous. This virus also entered Indonesia and made a tremendous impact in all fields. The impact of the economy, social, politics, and cultural arts experienced the impact of covid 19. A situation that has hit Indonesia for several months so that the cultural sector has also been affected by covid 19. Government policy is not to hold activities that invite crowds. Even though we have kept our distance, changed habits, the tradition of washing hands is still uncertain and guarantees that the virus does not catch and spread. Conditions that have not yet recovered have made another solution chosen from the sides of the policymakers to keep arts and cultural activities running. Describe the 24-hour role of dancing for the preservation of cultural arts by looking for qualitative descriptive data. Interviews, observations were also carried out and libraries and documents. Data analysis is to reveal the data in detail and the data is obtained validly. In addition, a study document is needed in order to reveal the data validly. The role of 24 hours dancing virtually / online keeps artistic creativity and innovation going. Art life continues and artists/choreographers have a place to work. Virtuals were held at the Central Java Cultural Park, Wisma Seni, SMK 8, at artists' houses, and art studios.