Strategi Pembelajaran Bahasa Jawa SMP Negeri Subrayon 04 Kabupaten Demak di Masa New Normal


  • Sumber Harno SMP Negeri 1 Mijen Demak


Strategy, learning, new normal


Javanese language learning strategies at SMP Negeri Subrayon 04 Demak district in the new normal period include learning conditions, learning techniques used, the curriculum used, learning theme selection criteria, learning technique selection criteria, introduction to online learning in students, supporting books used, and evaluation format. This research is a descriptive qualitative naturalistic study. The subject of this research is a Javanese language teacher who teaches public schools in subrayon 04, Demak district. The analysis used is situation analysis and a survey where the survey method is to find information, identify, make decisions by observation, literature study, interviews, and documentation. From the research results, it is known that the Javanese language learning strategy used in the new normal period in subrayon 04 districts (1) learning is still carried out as usual, online refers to the emergency curriculum by 66.7%; (2) learning was carried out flexibly, effectively, and economically at 88.9%; (3) emergency curriculum in accordance with the circular submitted by the minister of education and culture of the Republic of Indonesia, 66.7%; (4) the learning theme is chosen by paying attention to the emergency curriculum, incorporating literacy and character education by 77.8%; (5) the introduction of learning techniques using google form of 88.9%; (6) learning using google form is 88.9%; (7) supporting books are library books lent by schools by 66.7%; (8) the evaluation was carried out after the students went through several online learning sessions amounting to 66.7%; (9) format in the form of knowledge and skills assessment of 66.7%; (10) the evaluation application uses Google Format 100%.