Strategi Pembelajaran Bahasa Sunda di Masa New Normal


  • Yayat Sudaryat Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia


learning, Covid 19 Pandemic, New Normal Period, Blended Leaning


The Industrial Era 4.0 with the flow of globalization accompanied by increasingly sophisticated technological developments, which emphasize the digital economy, artificial intelligence, big data, robotic phenomena, is known as the phenomenon of disruptive innovation. Information is abundant everywhere and can be easily accessed. Long distance communication via cyberspace is getting faster and more sophisticated. Not to mention that it was reinforced by the emergence of Pademi Covid 19 which demanded that community members implement social distancing (physical distancing), lockdown, and have to stay at home, of course, communication surfaced has decreased. These conditions affect various situations in people's lives, both daily life, business and industry (DUDI), and the world of education. The educational process was disrupted. Educators and students cannot gather and meet directly in the classroom as offline activity. Education through online (online) through educators, students, and parents. Problems also began to emerge, starting from the lack of an Android cellphone, internet quota fees, technology failure, and extra parental involvement. This applies to various subjects, including regional language subjects (Sundanese). Need wise thoughts and actions in implementing online learning. In the New Normal Period, the power of the learning process through online began to strengthen, but learning through offline was still needed. Finally, the two of them still share and are equally strong. To overcome this, a mixed model called the Blended Learning Model is needed. Online learning is carried out through the media of Google Classroom and Whatsapp, while offline learning is carried out through the media of Student Worksheets (LKPD). Both are carried out by educators and students without standing up.