Ketidakadilan Gender dalam Novel Rembulan Ndhuwur Blumbang Karya Narko Sodrun Budiman


  • Tesha Yosita Dewi Krisna Universitas PGRI Semarang
  • Yuli Kurniati Werdiningsih Universitas PGRI Semarang
  • Nuning Zaidah Universitas PGRI Semarang


injustice, novel, Rembulan Ndhuwur Blumbang


The purpose of this research was to describe the gender injustice in the novel of Rembulan Ndhuwur Blumbang opus by Narko Sodrun Budiman. The problem that will be researched was the gender injustice to woman character. The method of research that was used to express the gender injustice in this novel was a descriptive qualitative method. The data of the research consisted of word, phrase, and sentence which contained the element of gender injustice element. This research used observation (reading) technique, writing, reduction, and data clarification afterward data analysis. The source of the data was Rembulan Ndhuwur Blumbang Novel by Narko Sodrun Budiman. The result of the research was the gender injustice of Rembulan Ndhuwur Blumbang Novel was showed from the role and man characters attitude to woman character. The gender injustice that was found consists of marginalization, subordination, stereotype, and the gender violence that was sensed by the woman character in Rembulan Ndhuwur Blumbang Novel. The injustice in this novel was to present an unfair attitude to women in the household life and effort to survive in order to get equality. The unjust attitude toward Anisah was done by her husband which had arbitrary character by utilizing the woman's weakness. Anisah was not able to resist and resigned with her injustices.