Using Kahoot Application To Improve Students’ Ability In Writing Recount Text: “A Case Of 10th Grades Of SMA N 1 Juwana Academic Year 2022/2023”


  • Mutiara Herlinda Universitas PGRI Semarang
  • Jafar Sodiq Universitas PGRI Semarang
  • Tarcisia Sri Suwarti Universitas PGRI Semarang


Application, Kahoot, Writing Skill, Recount Text


English is a global language spoken in many countries, including Indonesia. English is a foreign language in Indonesia (EFL). Learning English is difficult for beginners. They must comprehend and apply the newly discovered language and writing composition. As a result, the Kahoot application aims to improve students' recall text writing abilities through game-based learning methods or quizzes. The study's objectives were (1) to find out of students' ability in writing recount texts without the Kahoot application. (2) to find out which students' abilities in writing recount text with using the Kahoot application. (3) to find out where there is significant difference in the ability of writing recount text between students without using the Kahoot application and using the Kahoot application. This study's population consisted of class X SMA N 1 Juwana, with X-D serving as the control class and X-C as the experimental group. The research design is experimental and quantitative. The researcher administered written pre-test and post-test questions to students. Before issuing the post-test, the researcher administered a Kahoot treatment to the experimental class. There was a significant difference between classes that did not use the Kahoot application and those that did. According to the data, the average score of students in the control class is 78.19, while the average score in the experimental class is 82.20. Based on these findings, the Kahoot application can be used to improve students' writing skills in recount text.