Using Quizwhizzer Game to Improve Students’ Vocabulary Mastery of Seventh Grade of SMP N 2 Rembang in the Academic Year 2021-2022


  • Firda Indri Oktika Universitas PGRI Semarang
  • Rr. Festi Himatu Karima Universitas PGRI Semarang
  • Siti Musarokah Universitas PGRI Semarang


Vocabulary, Method of learning, Quizwhizzer Game


Vocabulary is collection of word that used and understood by the people. However, many students still have difficulties to learn new vocabulary and the students’ vocabulary ability is still low. It is caused by traditional method in teaching vocabulary, so the students feel bored and passive. For this reason, the variety of teaching vocabulary is very needed to improve students’ vocabulary mastery such as using game. This study aims to know that Quizwhizzer game can enhance the student’s vocabulary ability of seventh grade. The objectives are: 1) to find out the students’ vocabulary mastery before they are taught using quizwhizzer game 2) to find out the students’ vocabulary mastery after they are taught using quizwhizzer game, and 3) to find out whether or not there is any significant difference in students’ vocabulary mastery before and after taught using quizwhizzer game. Pre-experimental design with the one group pre-test and post-test was used as design in this study. The sample is consisted of 32 students in class VII.4. The technique of data analysis is SPSS 21.From the calculation, we know that the instrument is valid and reliable, it can be seen from the result of the data. The writer used SPSS to analyze t-test. The aim of t-test is to know whether there is a significant difference between before and after using quizwhizzer game. Thus, the result of t-test value is higher than t-table (8.504 > 1.695). It means that teaching vocabulary using quizwhizzer game is effective for improving students’ vocabulary ability.