An Analysis of Illucotionary Acts in Main Character of “Fast and Furious 9 Movie” and its Contribution to Pragmatic Teaching


  • Amin Irsad Universitas PGRI Semarang
  • Tarcisia Sri Suwarti Universitas PGRI Semarang
  • Siti Lestari Universitas PGRI Semarang


Pragmatic Teaching,Illocutionary Act, Fast and Furious 9 Movie


The study of illocutionary acts is a subfield within speech acts that can be explored through various media, including movies like "Fast and Furious 9." Released on May 20, 2021 and produced by Universal Pictures, the movie offers an interesting storyline and numerous dialogues by the character Dominic Toretto that contain illocutionary acts. The aim of this research was to identify the types and most dominant illocutionary acts used by Dominic Toretto in the movie, as well as to examine how these acts contribute to pragmatic teaching. The research utilized the documentation research method and descriptive analysis technique in a descriptive qualitative approach, focusing on Dominic Toretto’s utterances in "Fast and Furious 9." Based on Searle's theory (1979), five types of illocutionary acts were found, including assertive, directive, commissive, expressive, and declarative, with the dominant type being directive. The results of this study can be useful for teachers and lecturers to incorporate the analysis of illocutionary acts in pragmatic teaching, using "Fast and Furious 9" as an effective teaching medium.