Sistem Informasi Tebang Angkut (SITA) Berbasis Web Pada PG Trangkil


  • Ayu Nur Na’imah Universitas PGRI Semarang
  • Bambang Agus Herlambang Universitas PGRI Semarang


Sistem, Informasi, Tebang Angkut, Pabrik Gula, Berbasis Web, MySQL


Sugar factory is an industry that requires a timely and efficient supply of
sugarcane to keep the production process smooth. Every day there are several
routine activities including cutting sugarcane from several farmers, recording
sugarcane ownership, weighing incoming sugarcane, analyzing and grinding
sugarcane. Of course if all these activities are done manually it will be very difficult
and drain a lot of thought and time. In this system, all of the above activities can be
resolved, starting from the process of collecting data on farmers and their sugar
cane, the weighing process to the sugar cane milling process. All processes in it will
be helped by the system, so that it will simplify work and save time. The system is built
with a web-based system with Php technology and MySQL database. PHP is widely
used to program websites, while MySQL itself is an implementation of a database
management system (DBMS). For this study, the waterfall method was used. The
waterfall method uses developing a continuous flow like a waterfall through several
processes such as analysis, design, implementation and also testing. This system
involves several important components, including data input, data processing, and
sugar cane milling results. Achievements in the cut- and-transport information system
for sugar factories include sugarcane receipts and data reports. With the Sugar
Factory's Cut and Transport Information System, the management of the sugarcane
cutting and transport process can become more efficient, structured and transparent.
Keywords: System, Information, Slashing and Transport, Sugar Factory, Web Based, MySQL
Kata kunci: Sistem, Informasi, Tebang Angkut, Pabrik Gula, Berbasis Web, MySQL.



2023-06-28 — Updated on 2023-07-17