Pengembangan Sistem Informasi Website SMK PGRI Kuwu: Membangun Jembatan Komunikasi Efektif antara Sekolah danSiswa


  • Aditya Achmad Bayu Setiyawan Universitas PGRI Semarang
  • Nugroho Dwi Saputro Universitas PGRI Semarang


Technological advancements, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Digital era,, Education quality, y, DFD method (Data Flow Diagram), Efficiency, Student interaction and engagement


In the current digital era, the use of information and communication technology has
become an integral part of daily life. SMK PGRI Kuwu, a Vocational High School, recognizes
the importance of utilizing this technology to enhance communication between the school and
students. With the growing number of students and increasingly complex information needs,
conventional communication systems using print media or face-to-face interactions have
become less efficient and unresponsive. There is a gap in information delivery between the
school and students, often resulting in students lacking relevant and up-to-date information.
This website aims to emphasize the importance of developing a website information system at
SMK PGRI Kuwu as a solution to build an effective communication bridge between the school
and students. The primary objectives are to improve information accessibility, enhance student
interaction and engagement, and strengthen the relationship between the school and students.
In the development of the website information system at SMK PGRI Kuwu, the Data Flow
Diagram (DFD) method is employed to analyze the flow of data and processes that occur
between users (students) and the website information system. DFD assists in designing the
system structure, identifying entities, and modeling the necessary information flow to meet
communication needs. The development of the website information system at SMK PGRI
Kuwu can yield positive outcomes, including increased student access to relevant information,
enhanced student engagement in school activities, and improved interaction and
communication between the school and students. The implications of this website information
system development are the creation of a more dynamic, transparent, and efficient learning
environment at SMK PGRI Kuwu.