About the Journal

The programme of The SENATIK consists of Plenary and Contributed Talks. There will be 3 Tracks as follows:

Track A: Applied Math

  1. Mathematics Physics
  2. Image and Signal Processing
  3. Operations Research and Optimization
  4. Partial Differential Equation
  5. Dynamical systems
  6. Financial Mathematics
  7. Minimal Surfaces
  8. Game Theory
  9. Infinite translation surface
  10. Mathematical Modeling
  11. Cryptography
  12. Radical theory of rings and modules
  13. Computational Science and Mathematics
  14. Statistical Mathematics
  15. Geodesic Related Problems
  16. Min-Max Theory of Mathematics
  17. Statistics
  18. Applied Statistics
  19. Actuaries

Track B: Mathematics Education

  1. Innovation and Application of Instructional Methods in Mathematics
  2. Curriculum Development in Mathematics Education
  3. Evaluation and Assessment of Mathematics Learning
  4. Realistic Mathematics Education
  5. Mathematics Literacy
  6. Lesson Study for Learning Community on Mathematics Education
  7. Ethnomathematics
  8. Technological, Pedagogical, Content, Knowledge (TPACK) in the Mathematics Education
  9. Current Trends in Mathematics Educational Assessment and Evaluation
  10. High Order Thinking (HOT) in Mathematics Education
  11. Psychology in Mathematics Education
  12. Learning Design of Mathematics
  13. Mathematics for Inclusion Education
  14. Mathematics Education for Students with Disability
  15. Soft skill and Hard skill Mathematics
  16. STEAM Education

Track C: Technology Education

  1. ICT – Based Instructional Design in Mathematics Education
  2. Mathematics Learning using Technology
  3. Innovative Learning in Mathematics Educational Practice
  4. Mobile Learning in Education
  5. The Use of Software in Mathematics
  6. Statistics Using Technology